Fortnite Season 4 Tips And Tricks

Season 4 Fortnite video game is finally here, and as everybody expected, it’s a marvel theme season. There are so many awesome changes to the weapon Meta, a ton of new skins and challenges, and not that bad change. The players should know strategies and new tips to dominate everybody you run into in season 4. When it comes to the early game, the changes that have been seen haven’t been too drastic. Few map changes are being the sentinel graveyard, doom’s domain, and the authority being cleaned up.

inversegamer brings the best tips and tricks for the Fortnite game. The biggest change to earn a game that’s going to impact the gameplay is the adjustment of chest spawn rates. Epic decides to nerf the chest bond rate in normal games. This change isn’t too bad for causal mode, but it’s not competitive. It adds unnecessary rng element to the early game, and that’s something players don’t need more of. The Meta this season will be landing at a more secluded spot first to loot up than rotate into poi or the main location once comfortable with the loot. It will allow players to ensure the loot is good enough, and it’s going to make the earlier video game so much easier when the time comes to start fighting.

In terms of weapons, a lot has changed in the new season. The first big change that all players love to hear is the re-edition of the pump shotgun. The tactical shotgun was removed to make space for it. The combat shotgun was also reintroduced. It’s a lot more rear, but it’s here, so it’s a big plus. Although the combat needed a bit, the shotgun Meta seems a lot more skilled with a loop pool of the charge, pump, and combat; the pump remains the alpha weapons.


A few other unveilings include the boogie bomb, the shockwave Granada, og tactical SMG porta fort bandage cannon from early chapter 2, the silence sun machine gun, and the scoped ar. A few other weapon changes were removing all the old mythic items, launch pads, some pistol rarities, stink bombs, decoys, some rapid-fire SMG variants, and all classic SMG, and some hunting rifle.

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